Sounding out Useful Pictures

Believe Half of What You See And None of What You Hear is a project conceived by Georgia Kotretsos, as part of  Sous nos yeux (part 1) curated by Abdellah Karroum at La Kunsthalle of Mulhouse, in collaboration with the University Haute-Alsace (SUAC) and Radio Campus Mulhouse.

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Large copies of the diagrams along with the sound files are here, additional contributions to come.

Sounding out Useful Pictures, 2013

Since 2008, Adelheid Mers has talked to many artists about their work and created diagrams in response. Mers finds patterns in methods and strategies mentioned in those conversations, and also considers contexts that are being referenced, including popular beliefs, market structures, social constructs and personal histories. At best, these diagrams depict the [distributed] cognitive engine that drives an artist’s idiosyncratic practice – as presented at that moment. Mers thinks about her diagrams as attempts to reverse engineer artists’ carefully honed and guarded tacit knowledge with artistic methods – a doubling of applied aesthetics presented through useful pictures.
Adding an additional dimension, Mers is now returning to those artists, asking them to record responses to their diagrams – test and contest their usability – in conversation and/or by creating new sound art works.

Contributors: Andrea Sodomka, Kirsten Leenaars with Tricia Van Eck, Lise Haller Baggesen with Eleanor and Adam, David Court with Carolyn Lambert, Michelle Tupko, Ebby Addo for Saskia Janssen, Ebby Addo for George Korsmit.

Artist, professor [Arts Administration and Policy] at SAIC.

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