Enter the Matrix – Artist Talk (Performance Lecture)

August 23rd, 2014, 10:30 – 12:00, Michigan Galleries, Chicago Cultural Center
All works in the exhibition “Enter the Matrix” are printed on vitreous enamel – Whiteboards. For Adelheid Mers’ annotated talk, the artist uses all surfaces to write and draw. It will be messy.

The exhibition chronicles the arrival of the 3Line Matrix Diagram through early sculpture, installation and light installation work. It includes recent diagrams based on interviews with artists about their working methods. Sound and spoken word responses by those artists to the diagrams are available on a listening station.

For a project commissioned by 3Arts, Interviews with many artists about grant writing experiences have been summarized in one Fractal 3Line Matrix.

A collaboration with programmer Robert Woodley is included through a series of portraits from the Facefield Project (http://rwoodley.org/?page_id=851).

All works will be explained and discussed.

Artist, professor [Arts Administration and Policy] at SAIC.

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