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Artist as Problem Solver: listening, attention

On March 2nd, 2018, the Joyce Foundation organized The Artist as Problem Solver, as a conversation among artists and their supporters, whose work includes or revolves around community activations, often conducted long-term, and at considerable scale. The convening was hosted by

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Workshop notes: the Braid@WOUND

Caroline Woolard conceived of and designed and Stamatina Gregory curated WOUND (pronounced waʊnd) as a study center. Programs are scheduled throughout within the exhibition at The Cooper Union, to engage with the materials. The show is open from October 14

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WOUND exhibition WOUND is a study center for practices of listening and collaboration. The exhibition has been conceived of and designed by 2007 The Cooper UnionSchool of Art graduate Caroline Woolard as a practice space for “the mending of time and

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Up at .org

The new entry page is done.  Rollovers sparkle. The links need more work:

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Talking Whiteboards – August sessions (post #4)

Two sessions were added in August. Video excerpts are posted as they become available. Day 1 Irina Botea skyped in from Romania. She used the Critique Template to speak about film making and collaboration, and then discussed The Braid . We didn’t

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Talking Whiteboards – week 3

As the last full week of this project concluded, 39 artists and arts administrators had joined me in my studio. (One or two August dates are being scheduled for those who were away or had conflicts.) Many thanks go to all participants,

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Republishing 2004 Whiteboard Project

In 2004, I exhibited three dry erase coated diagrams and six vinyl banners, after George Lakoff’s “Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think” (1996).To facilitate conversations, I was present during the run of the exhibit, which was located in a storefront

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