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Enter the Matrix – Artist Talk (Performance Lecture)

August 23rd, 2014, 10:30 – 12:00, Michigan Galleries, Chicago Cultural Center All works in the exhibition “Enter the Matrix” are printed on vitreous enamel – Whiteboards. For Adelheid Mers’ annotated talk, the artist uses all surfaces to write and draw.

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Pics from the Chicago Cultural Center residency twitter feed #CCCres1

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Research: South East Chicago Commission

The South East Chicago Commission (SECC) is a community-based organization, focused on enhancing the quality of life in five neighborhoods through a number of programs and initiatives. The SECC is funded by the University of Chicago, the City of Chicago,

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Chicago Cultural Center residency Diagram workshop with Hatch projects curators JGV/WAR and 6 artists

      Yesterday, curatorial team JGV/WAR entered the Matrix, with artists whose work they will exhibit in the fall as part of a residency at Hatch Projects they are all participating in. Towards developing their exhibition, we used the 3-Line Whiteboard and Fractal 3-Line Matrix

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Knowing then Thinking then Knowing then …

It is a familiar phenomenon. An artist knows what is right and does it. Then comes contextualization, and as that is internalized, it leads to more work. A double helix, in a way.  To be around my exhibition, Enter the Matrix, through the residency opportunity

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Chicago Cultural Center – exhibition and residency

It’s official – as of yesterday, I’ve been awarded the first residency in the newly renovated first floor Chicago Cultural Center Garland Gallery, April 25 – mid July. It’s an amazing space. I’m also opening an extensive exhibition of my diagrams in

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working on:

Arts Ecologies of Hyde Park, Kenwood, Oaklawn, Washington Park and Woodlawn:  Interviews + Diagrams, with the South East Chicago Commission and SAIC Management Studio. Arts Ecologies of East Lawndale: Interviews + Diagrams, with the Homan Square Foundation and SAIC Management Studio. “Enter the

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