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Arts Ecologies of Hyde Park, Kenwood, Oaklawn, Washington Park and Woodlawn:  Interviews + Diagrams, with the South East Chicago Commission and SAIC Management Studio. Arts Ecologies of East Lawndale: Interviews + Diagrams, with the Homan Square Foundation and SAIC Management Studio. “Enter the

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Conference Matrix Kufstein, Austria

In January, I participated in the 8th annual conference of the Fachverband Kulturmanagement in Kufstein, Austria. I presented the 3Arts commissioned Matrix, Granting for Arts Organizations and Individuals seen from Artists’ Perspectives, and also created a new 3-Line Matrix based on the

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3Arts Matrix update

Just added a slideshow oft the Grant making diagram. It compiles in 5 commented steps.

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With 3Arts at GIA

I just returned from Philadelphia, where I attended the GIA Support for Individual Artists Preconference as an artist respondent, and then introduced the image below at the main conference, on a panel that centered on communication between artists and grantors,

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Grantmakers in the Arts Conference, Philadelphia, October 5-9, 2013

Catch me twice: Sunday: Preconference Panel – Monday: Conference Panel –

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ETSU Outer Regions Follow-up: on diagram use

A discussion of diagram use throughout the roundtable conversations, “Complex Models”, Posted in Temporary Art Review.

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Dispositions of cultural funding – call for papers – Kufstein, Austria

Dispositions of cultural funding Cultural funding structures and their consequences for cultural production and reception The 8th Annual Conference of the Fachverband Kulturmanagement focuses on the interdependency between financing systems and the production and reception of cultural goods and processes.

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