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Performativity – focus on practice

This week’s reading: Karen Barad’s “Posthumanist Performativity: Toward an Understanding of How Matter Comes to Matter” Excerpt: “The point is not merely that there are important material factors in addition to discursive ones; rather, the issue is the conjoined material-discursive

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How artists work: The Braid

Artist’s workflows – making, mediating and managing – are tightly embraided and cannot be observed in isolation from each other. This is complicated by the fact that each strand of the braid is embedded in a separate discourse. That impacts

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Salon des refuseurs?

@M_PF If you’re at the Barbican you can visit our geofenced counter-DevArt online exhibition: (Thanks for posting the geofence hack, @kcmic: set your location to 51.52, -.09 to view, Dear hacktheartworld: It seems to me that this show is

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Knowing then Thinking then Knowing then …

It is a familiar phenomenon. An artist knows what is right and does it. Then comes contextualization, and as that is internalized, it leads to more work. A double helix, in a way.  To be around my exhibition, Enter the Matrix, through the residency opportunity

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Repertoire as the basis of Critique

This one (from last summer) is based on Donald A. Schön’s “The Reflective Practitioner – How Professionals Think in Action.” His studies of professional conversations also include a studio critique setting.

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Process Aesthetics

Continued reading on theories of knowledge led to Nicholas Rescher’s writing on Process Philosophy. Here’s a first stab at connecting it to my thinking about critique, about Baumgarten’s aesthetics as a discussion of art making and appreciation, artist’s individual epistemes

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3-Line Matrix Nick Prior/Bourdieu

Here’s a 3-Line Matrix visualization of a concise summary of Bourdieu’s sociology of art, by Nick Prior: “We can orient to Bourdieu’s sociology of art by differentiating three interdependent dimensions, forms or locales: 1) the artist and the art works

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