On invitation of Doris Ingrisch and with avid support from Andrea Sodomka and Maria Gstättner, I talked with 10 more musicians/composers/sound artists about how they work, between August and December 2014. All artists were located temporarily or permanently in or near Vienna. Following each conversation, I made one or more quick sketches with the aid of handwritten notes. These sketches often turned out as wordless scenes or even resembled machines or instruments. In a next step, I condensed the terms used in the conversation using the 3-Line Matrix, while referencing the scenarios. Those are the images/diagrams posted below (8 of 10 are done), which have been shared with the artists, who are in the process of returning sound and some also video responses. Some have adapted existing pieces, others are creating new works. At the same time and in addition to what was originally envisioned, I am also exploring animations based on various aspects of these suites, using various tools, from Sketchup to three.js and WebGL. As indicated on the previous page, all this can and will be pulled together in a number of ways. Updates to follow.

Klement_ Piringer_ Huber_ Heckel_ Garton_ Friz_ Essl_ Anon1_



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