Talking Whiteboards – week 2

This was a 4 day week, marked by long, in-depth conversations across multiple boards, and very exciting, free form uses of the Hairy Blob.

By request, here are the diagrams:

Video excerpts are posted as they become available.

Day 1

Rebecca George, Christine Connor, Ken Hogrefe: The Braid, Creativity (Duchamp/Torrance), Flusser’s Exile and Creativity, Flexible Art Worlds

Rebecca is an artist and teacher. She runs Art House in Chicago and brought along Christine and Ken, two artists in residence. Both are painters, have art/design degrees and now work in non-arts fields. Discussing painting through The Braid and Creativity boards, Ken also situated their practice in the Flexible Art Worlds context.


Hogrebe.jpgDay 2

Elizabeth Burke-Dain and Barbara Ciurej: Hairy Blob, The Braid

An administrator and a photographer, Elizabeth and Barbara agreed to experiment with the Hairy Blob, as a free form exercise. While Elizabeth identified the bottom center image as her shape, Barbara loosened it up in characterizing the movement of her practice. The discussion then seamlessly switched to The Braid.


Day 3  Part 1

Allison Lacher: The Braid, Critique Template

I was introduced to Allison Lacher by Allison Yasukawa, who participated last week. Allison Lacher runs Demo Project in Springfield, with Jeff Robinson. They currently have a show in Chicago,  at Roman Susan, so Allison was able to stop by on short  notice. She selected The Braid and the Critique Template, to discuss how arts administration, art practice and teaching intersect for her.


Day 3 Part 2

Ytasha L. Womack: Hairy Blob, The Braid

A while ago, I attended a workshop Ytasha offered, after I had read her book on Afrofuturism. Invested in the subject of time, she went for the Hairy Blob first, then continued on to The Braid, discussing her practice as a writer of prose, fiction and graphic novels, calling out mental and physical preparation, and deliberate incubation.


Day 4

Susy Bielak and Fred Schmalz: The Braid, Hairy Blob

Susy Bielak and Fred Schmalz, in their roles as artists and collaborators, fleshed out The Braid, attesting to their attention to the intricate movements around the torus that a complex, research based practice requires. They then talked through a specific, current project, using the Hairy Blob as a prompt for a Situationst exercise.



week 3

Artist, professor [Arts Administration and Policy] at SAIC.

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