Talking Whiteboards – August sessions (post #4)

Two sessions were added in August.

Video excerpts are posted as they become available.

Day 1

Irina Botea skyped in from Romania. She used the Critique Template to speak about film making and collaboration, and then discussed The Braid . We didn’t draw, but it was quite mesmerizing and very poetic to have Irina’s video presence inhabiting the diagrams.

irina botea

Screenshot 2016-08-27 08.40.58


Day 2 Part 1

Mark Jeffrey and Judd Morrissey tackled The Braid, deliberately moving through, and expanding it.


Day 2 Part 2

Duncan MacKenzie navigated The Braid, with particular focus on the Managing and Mediating segments.


Conversations will continue. There’s talk about bringing the Whiteboards off site, too. For now, I’m editing video.

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